GEFYRA S.A., Concession Company of the “Charilaos Trikoupis” Rion-Antirion Bridge, was founded in 1995, undertaking, on behalf of the Greek State, the construction and operation of the Project, over a period that started in 1997 and may last until 2039.

The story of the construction of the most important (at least in technical terms) project of Greece reports significant successes such as the completion of the project 4 months ahead of its contractual schedule, the non-overruns of the budget and the progress of the whole procedure without a single drop of blood being shed, i.e. without any serious labor accident despite the huge volume of works, the numerous human resources and the works that were carried out at particularly important heights and depths.

This particular relation with the people safety constituted the most important, in human terms, heritage entrusted by the first phase of the Concession to the second one, the operation phase.

The Bridge users safety is the upmost concern of the planning elaborated by both the concession company and the operation company (GEFYRA LITOURGIA S.A.); its result prove without a doubt that we continue the topmost priority set by the French VINCI Group, major shareholder of both entities.

Comfort while crossing the Bridge is the second component of the two major priorities set by the people responsible for the Bridge, going beyond what is required to simply ensure the unhindered traffic flow during the 2.5 minutes of the crossing of Korinthiakos Gulf.

The toll lanes dedicated to light and heavy vehicles that choose to cross by adopting the electronic subscription contribute to the allocation of the traffic in a way that promotes the sufficiency of a toll station designed to support both traffic directions with up to 12 lanes in total.

Among the 16 different products offered by Gefyra, the electronic crossing is the one that creates the conditions for an upgraded “role” (and not the simple capacity of the user) that GEFYRA S.A. intends for its clients, since the electronic crossing is the one that concentrates the most privileges compared to all other products offered by the company.

The GEFYRA e-pass holder is in fact the perfect sample of the person enjoying the services offered by a modern road concession infrastructure thanks to the “dedicated” lane that prevents losing time with the toll transactions, the possibility of making transactions and paying the subscription on the Internet, the regular electronic communication (on commercial and other issues), the invitations to dialogue meetings in order to improve the services offered, the interoperability of the transponder and the future offers.

GEFYRA S.A., as a private provider of public service, aims at ensuring a high level of service, while the fact that a person using the Bridge is both a client enjoying privileges and a Greek citizen who is entitled to enjoy a high level public service forms the core of its corporate philosophy.

This assumption resulted in the motto “Citizen – Client: a combined action”, which gives an idea about the intentions of the concessionaire.

Finally, the recent rearrangement of the clients and citizens lobby next to the Antirion Toll Plaza offers them the possibility of a short break, having access to WiFi and PCs, articles exhibiting the history of the Bridge, souvenirs and a face to face service provided with the directness and the particular way of our Customer Service.

For more information, please consult – tel. (+30) 26340-39010 & 39011.