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HELLASTRON: Changing of the Guard

Mr. Manos Vrailas is HELLASTRON’s new President as of July 2023, succeeding Mr. Konstantinos Koutsoukos, CEO of EGNATIA ODOS S.A., who was the Association’s President in 2021-2023. With a long and distinguished career in Greece’s construction sector and its representative professional bodies, Mr. Vrailas currently holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors at Motorway Concessions Companies Nea Odos S.A. and Odos Kentrikis Elladas S.A. and is also a Member of the Board of Directors of TERNA S.A., [...]

HELLASTRON’s ex President Mr. Koutsoukos elected 2nd Vice-President of ASECAP in 2022

Mr. Konstantinos Koutsoukos, representing HELLASTRON in ASECAP’s Annual General Meeting in Brussels which was held during ASECAP’s 49th Congress, was elected 2nd Vice-President of the European Association of Tollroads. HELLASTRON was represented in ASECAP’s 49th Congress “Study & Information Days 2022 – Decarbonizing Road Infrastructure: Challenges, Perspectives and Actions in Tough Economy” by a delegation of executives from Greece’s Tollroads, led by the Greek Association’s President Mr. K. Koutsoukos. The Annual Congress of ASECAP, the European Association of Tollroads, constitutes [...]

Yet another international distinction for HELLASTRON

On October the 12th 2021, the General Meeting of the International Bridge Tunnel & Turnpike Association – “IBTTA” – unanimously elected Messrs. B. Halkias and S. Stavris, both former Presidents of HELLASTRON, as Members of the Association’s Board of Directors. The GM took place during the Association’s 89th Annual Congress, held in Anaheim, California. Mr. Halkias, currently serving as President of the IRF, will become 2nd Vice President in 2022 and 1st Vice President in 2023, leading to IBTTA’s [...]

Mr. Konstantinos Koutsoukos is HELLASTRON’s new President

Press Release Mr. Konstantinos Koutsoukos is HELLASTRON's new President Mr. Konstantinos Koutsoukos is the new President of the Hellenic Association of Toll Road Network, HELLASTRON, succeeding Mr. Stavros Stavris. He holds a Civil Engineering degree from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece,  a Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Transportation), from University of Minnesota, USA and a Masters in Urban Economics from University of Texas. He is a founding member of HELLASTRON and of the Tunnels Administrative Authority (DAS) - the governmental body responsible for licensing all tunnels along Greek Motorways since 2007, a member [...]

“Road to Recovery”: IRF President and Hellastron representative Bill Halkias on post-Covid

Read here “Road to Recovery”, IRF President and Hellastron representative Bill Halkias’s article on post-Covid, published in the highly regarded industry publication World Highways, issue November December 2020.

Greek toll road interoperability: improved user experience

A new electronic tolling service will be implemented shortly on all of Greece’s toll roads, following the request of Greece’s Infrastructure Ministry for the implementation of interoperability among all eight (8) Hellastron members, who are responsible for operating all the toll roads of the country. Interoperability will ensure greatly enhanced user experience and will also help Greece’s effort to minimise the COVID-19 pandemic health risk. The new service, expected to be fully functional by early November, will ensure interoperability between [...]

Measures implemented by HELLASTRON members in order to deal with and confine the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19

In the framework of the general alarm and the extraordinary measures taken so far by the State in order to deal with and confine the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19, the Members of the Hellenic Association of Toll Road Network (Hellastron), with a sense of responsibility and having as their concern the protection of employees and users, while maintaining simultaneously - as much as possible - the unobstructed operation of the critical infrastructures they handle, have proceeded to all those [...]

HELLASTRON a founding member of Greece’s Green Deal for the promotion of electric mobility

HELLASTRON a founding member of Greece’s Green Deal for the promotion of electric mobility On World Environment Day 2020, on June the 5th, Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced new legislation to promote electric mobility in the country. In addition to subsidies for the purchase of electric private and professional vehicles, the measures taken intend to facilitate electric mobility and put in place the necessary public infrastructure for charging the vehicles. Furthermore, a Green Deal was signed [...]

HELLASTRON promotes #projectEDWARD 2019

HELLASTRON and its members comprising all Greek toll roads as well as Rio-Antirrio “Charilaos Trikoupis” Bridge actively support #projectEDWARD (European Day Without A Road Death), an initiative by TISPOL, the European Traffic Police Network. Daily, more than 70 people lose their lives in traffic accidents on the roads of Europe. #projectEDWARD aims at zero traffic deaths, to start with for one day per year, this year on September the 26th. To alert drivers and passengers and increase traffic safety awareness, [...]

Mr. Stavros Stavris is the new President of HELLASTRON

Mr. S. Stavris has taken over from Mr. B. Halkias as President of HELLASTRON, the Hellenic Association of Toll Road Network. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Athens University and a master’s degree in Finance from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Mr. Stavris is an active member of Greece’s Economic Chamber of Commerce and the International Internal Audit Institute. After holding several positions in multinational companies, Mr. Stavris joined Gefyra S.A. in 2005. He is now [...]

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