In the framework of the general alarm and the extraordinary measures taken so far by the State in order to deal with and confine the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19, the Members of the Hellenic Association of Toll Road Network (Hellastron), with a sense of responsibility and having as their concern the protection of employees and users, while maintaining simultaneously – as much as possible – the unobstructed operation of the critical infrastructures they handle, have proceeded to all those necessary measures provided by the Competent Authorities (Hellenic Public Health Organization and the GSCP) and have put into practice specialized Extraordinary Measures to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, which include operation contingency plans and preventive measures to deal with the pandemic. This Plan is constantly evolving, based on the new data and the new legislative frame.

A. Operational Plan

1. Alternate work program, by means of “teleworking” for the administrative personnel and “personnel on stand-by mode at home” for the operational personnel, in order to minimise interaction and ensure back-up as much as possible. Recruitment of extraordinary personnel, wherever this is necessary and possible, for additional back-up.

2. Back-up solutions for the Traffic Management Centers, both on technical and human resources level, as these constitute the “heart” of the motorways and tunnels’ monitoring and operation.

3. Encourage the drivers to prefer either the ETC lanes (use of transponders) or contactless transactions on POS at MTC lanes or at APM (wherever available) in order to limit transactions in cash. To this end, relevant messages are projected on the electronic signs and respective announcements are made.

4. Limitation of maintenance and construction works to those absolutely necessary, placing emphasis on road safety, traffic management, restoration of critical urgent damages and works relating to hygiene along the motorway and in the operation facilities.

5. Suspension or limitation of operation of the Customer Service Centers, with relevant information to the public, and continuation of services provision, by phone, electronically or through courier.

B. Preventive measures

Additionally, in the frame of the general preventive measures and actions, the companies:

1. have been in daily contact with the competent occupational physicians from the very first moment and provide regularly medical guidelines to the personnel with respect to personal hygiene and protection, based on the guidelines issued by the Hellenic Public Health Organization and the WHO.

2. have seen to keep away from workplace employees considered vulnerable groups, whereas they also grant special purpose leaves to those entitled, if required.

3. have ensured the necessary antiseptics and personal protection equipment (masks, gloves, etc.) to be used in accordance with the guidelines of the Hellenic Public Health Organization.

4. have prepared themselves with possible scenarios on the existence of a probable or confirmed virus case and the necessary actions on behalf of the employees and the companies.

5. have taken measures so as to minimise the interaction in the workplaces (e.g. limitation of visits and meetings in presence, travels and trips suspension, etc.), whereas for the same reason the shifts have been in detail defined, as well as the shift handover/ undertaking procedures for the personnel.

6. have upgraded/ intensified the hygiene and cleaning services in all the buildings of the companies and the facilities of the respective emergency services (Traffic Police and Fire Brigade), as well as at the WC buildings along the motorways. Additionally, they proceed to preventive disinfections and they are prepared to proceed to emergency ones as well, should the need arise.