Moreas Motorway (Korinthos – Tripoli – Kalamata and Lefktro – Sparti branch) is part of the second-stage improvement of the country’s strategic road network. The objective of the project, which is part of the Trans-European Network (TEN), is to be a key driver for regional development throughout the Peloponnese.

Moreas Motorway reduces significantly travel times within the region. This has already been achieved along the main link: it now takes just over 2 hours to reach Kalamata or Sparti from Athens. Moreover, the upgrading of the routes to motorway standards ensures significant traffic safety benefits for the Peloponnese.

Key Facts

  • Total length: 205 km (of which 82 km involve pre-existing sections that were upgraded as a priority at the beginning of the concession); 205 km in operation (routes from Korinthos to Kalamata and Korinthos to Sparti, including the Kalamata By-Pass)
  • Cross-section:2 lanes per direction with a central reserve (median barrier)
  • Number of interchanges:24
  • Design speeds up to 130 km/h; mountainous and flat terrain combination
  • Bridges (>150m): Total motorway length ~2.3 km Total number of service areas: 4 pairs
  • Total number of toll stations in the project: 6 mainline toll plazas + 3 pairs of ramp plazas
  • Tunnels: Five twin tunnels, with a total tube length of 5 km. Operation in accordance with the European 2004/54 Directive (length exceeding 500m). The longest is Artemisio Tunnel with a length of approximately 1.4 km
  • Average traffic volume (2014): average section traffic ~9,600 vehicles per day.


Operation & Maintenance Facilities

  • Already In Operation
    • Main Operation & Maintenance Centre (OMC) at Nestaninear Tripoli
    • Secondary OMCat Arfara
    • Police and Fire departments at Nestani
    • Police department at Veligosti (Lefktro)


  • Future Operation
    • Fire departments at Veligosti*and Spathovouni*

* Construction already completed

 Project Benefits

  • Road Safety Benefits
    • Inherent safety of motorways
    • Road safety audits
    • Reduction in accident severity during the Concession period
  • Faster road connectionbetween the Peloponnese and Athens, as well as within the Peloponnese
  • Respect to the natural and man-made environment, at all stages (design, construction and operation)
  • Employment(direct and indirect impact during construction and throughout operation)
  • Electronic tolling interoperability

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