Aegean Motorway S.A. was established in June12, 2007 with its exclusive scope of works being is the design, construction, financing, operation, maintenance and exploitation of PATHE Motorway, section Maliakos – Kleidi (i.e. the section of the motorway that , extends from Raches in the Prefecture of Fthiotida to Kleidi, Imathia, covering a total of 230 Km)

The Project undertaken by Aegean Motorway SA comprises :

  • the rehabilitation and upgrading of the existing motorway of 230 kms
  • the construction of a new section of 26 kms motorway which includes 2 twin tunnels at the Tempi Valley, 2 and 6 Km. long (the longest road tunnel in the Balkans), 1 twin tunnel at Platamonas 2.7 Km. long, 14 Kms of open road construction, 22 bridges, 5 interchanges, 5 new Motorist Service Stations per direction, etc, as well as
  • the operation and maintenance for a period of 30 years of both existing motorway and new section

The Project’s objective is to remove the last, really dangerous and key point of the Athens-Thessaloniki road connection. It is a public work of immense national importance with social and financial benefits for the entire country in the medium and long run.

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