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New Road Traffic Prediction Service for Olympia Odos

Olympia Odos, sticking to its commitment in providing quality services, with an overall view to ensure safe and comfortable trips and aiming at better planning your trips, created an innovative road traffic prediction service accessible through the website Thanks to this application, travelers may now receive two types of information: Data on the actual traffic at two specific locations of the motorway, namely at Elefsina and Isthmos Toll Stations on the specified day and time. In particular, the application [...]

“Korinthos – Tripoli – Kalamata and Lefktro – Sparti Motorway” is now complete

The construction of “Korinthos - Tripoli - Kalamata and Lefktro - Sparti Motorway” has been completed following the opening to traffic of the last section of Kalamata Ring. The 205km motorway that has been delivered in full to the users is the first Concession road project that is completed. It has been constructed exclusively by Greek construction companies (MOREAS Consortium the shareholders of which are AKTOR ATE, J&P-AVAX SA, INTRAKAT), by Greek engineers and employees who did their best. The [...]

84% construction progress for Ionia Odos in August and record time for the excavation of Klokova tunnel

With the goal to have Ionia Odos motorway main line ready on March 2017 and the whole project fully completed a few months later on August 2017, construction works are progressing with high speeds. It is indicative that on the end of August, construction progress reached 84% and Klokova’s tunnel one of the most difficult and challenging projects of the motorway, was completed in the record time of 13 months, almost half a year earlier than planned. The final lining [...]

OLYMPIA ODOS: the first 20 km of Korinthos-Patras and the two Derveni Tunnels opened to traffic

20 kilometers of new modern motorway have been added to HELLASTRON, the network of Greek motorways, after the opening to traffic of the section of Ancient Korinthos - Kiato of OLYMPIA ODOS. The section of Ancient Korinthos - Kiato includes two traffic lanes and an EL with median as well as: - 3 Interchanges, two out of which namely those of Ancient Korinthos and Kiato are already in operation, while the third one, at Zevgolatio, is a new interchange that [...]

HELLASTRON network extended by 46 kilometers

The launch of the Lefktron - Sparta section of the MOREAS motorway in South-East Peloponnese in April has extended the HELLASTRON network of Greek tolled motorways - over which motorists enjoy top standards of road safety, reliability and convenience - by approximately 46 kilometers. It has also resulted in a substantial trip time reduction and improved mobility on the Tripoli - Sparta (~78 km ) as well as on the Kalamata - Sparta (~87 km) routes.

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