The construction of “Korinthos – Tripoli – Kalamata and Lefktro – Sparti Motorway” has been completed following the opening to traffic of the last section of Kalamata Ring.

The 205km motorway that has been delivered in full to the users is the first Concession road project that is completed. It has been constructed exclusively by Greek construction companies (MOREAS Consortium the shareholders of which are AKTOR ATE, J&P-AVAX SA, INTRAKAT), by Greek engineers and employees who did their best.

The said companies contributed €122 million euros to the construction of the motorway during a period when investments were precious for Greece, while thanks to their support the construction activity continued over long periods of time, although at lower paces, even when there was no possibility to finance the project from other sources.

Despite the general economic crisis, the heavy impacts on the project were significantly limited thanks to the unlimited support offered in many ways by the Greek companies and therefore the surcharges, in particular during the construction period, were limited.

The Project brings the Peloponnese closer to Athens and the other parts of Greece, thus drastically reducing the travel times and substantially changing the map, since regions that till recently were considered remote are now becoming nearby.

Therefore, thanks to the rapid, smooth and qualitative movement of people and transport of goods that the Motorway offers, it contributes to the growth of the greater area of Peloponnesus, thus strengthening the local communities for which it is a major progress factor, consequently creating strong development trends in all activity sectors as well as jobs during a critical period for Greece. Thanks to it many regions of NW Peloponnesus qualified as particularly important tourist destinations but lacking good accessibility came out of obscurity.

At the same time, from the very first day of its operation, MOREAS Motorway decisively contributes to the upgrading of the users’ road safety level by effectively reducing road accidents compared to the previous routes, while the motorway users enjoy high quality services 24 hours a day.

In particular, Kalamata Ring that has been completed and opened to traffic, serves the supra-local trips to and from Messiniaki and Lakoniki Mani that crossed the urban fabric of the city to date, as well as the internal trips within the city of Kalamata, thus improving the road safety, the quality of the environment and drastically reducing the travel time.

The completion of the project is a point of reference for the growth of Peloponnesus in all activity sectors that brings the region into a new era.