With the goal to have Ionia Odos motorway main line ready on March 2017 and the whole project fully completed a few months later on August 2017, construction works are progressing with high speeds. It is indicative that on the end of August, construction progress reached 84% and Klokova’s tunnel one of the most difficult and challenging projects of the motorway, was completed in the record time of 13 months, almost half a year earlier than planned. The final lining for both bores of the tunnel is expected to be completed by the end of November.

General Information on Klokova Tunnel

Klokova tunnel is located on the 2nd km of Ionia Odos motorway. It is a twin tunnel with length:

  • 2,924 m. for the right bore and
  • 2,906 m. for the left bore.

In the typical cross-section of each bore, there are two traffic lanes, with width 3.75 m. each, one Traffic Emergency Lane with width 0,50 m. and 2 sidewalks with width 0,75 m.

The maximum permitted vehicle height is 5.00 m.

Moving to safety issues, there are cross passages for safe evacuation per 330m. with pedestrian passages also and at the same time, in each bore there are 2 Emergency Parking Areas with length 50m. and cross passages for vehicles.

Have a look to the time-lapse video of the excavation of Klokova’s tunnel exit HERE