20 kilometers of new modern motorway have been added to HELLASTRON, the network of Greek motorways, after the opening to traffic of the section of Ancient Korinthos – Kiato of OLYMPIA ODOS.
The section of Ancient Korinthos – Kiato includes two traffic lanes and an EL with median as well as:
– 3 Interchanges, two out of which namely those of Ancient Korinthos and Kiato are already in operation, while the third one, at Zevgolatio, is a new interchange that after its completion will serve the villages of Vocha and many other destinations in the mountains of Korinthia;
– 7 overpasses, 19 underpasses and 5 bridges serving the local road network;
– 2 Motorists Service Stations namely the MSS of Korinthos (k.p. 94) in the direction to Athens and the MSS of Kiato (k.p. 103) on both directions;
– A new parking area with sanitary facilities has been constructed in the direction to Patras (k.p. 92) which will be open soon.
At the same time, two out of the 12 tunnels in total of OLYMPIA ODOS have been opened to traffic. It’s about two successive tunnels in the area of Derveni of 670m and 535m respectively connected by a 120m bridge, forming part of the newly constructed 2.5km road section (from k.p. 139 to k.p. 141).
The tunnels have two traffic lanes and one escape gallery each, are equipped with emergency roadside telephones, closed-circuit television, automatic fire detection system and firefighting networks, ventilation systems, variable speed limit signs, etc.
The tunnels serve the traffic direction from Patras to Athens and thanks to them this branch of the motorway bypasses the city of Derveni.
The section of Ancient Korinthos – Kiato is surveilled by the Kakia Skala Traffic Management Center competent for the section of Olympia Odos from Elefsina to Xylokastro.
A provisional Operation Control Center has been constructed and is already in operation on the road section between the two tunnels; it surveils and manages the traffic in the tunnels on a 24 hour basis in cooperation with the Traffic Management Center of Sector 2 of Olympia Odos (Xylokastro I/C – end of Patras Bypass).

Statement of the CEO of OLYMPIA ODOS Mr. P. Papanikolas on the occasion of the opening to traffic of the new sections:
“Our major concern are the drivers and to best serve them. This is why we all work with an overall view to complete the project as soon as possible.
Olympia Odos is the only motorway constructed under traffic. It crosses many cities and so every construction phase can be perceived by the passing drivers and the residents of the area from its very beginning.
Today, we fulfil a commitment undertaken together with the Greek State: open to traffic any section of the project that can operate independently in order to relieve the drivers of the tiring driving on one traffic lane.
We thank the drivers for their patience and their cooperation. We thank all those who work at the construction of the project or contribute to its completion in any way whatsoever.
We continue our efforts at an intense pace.”