Olympia Odos is one of the major projects of strategic national importance constructed in Greece. It’s a modern motorway complying with the European standards that will connect the Peloponnese with the rest of Greece and Europe.

Olympia Odos is a 30-year concession project consisting of the design, construction, maintenance and operation of the 202 km long Elefsina – Korinthos – Patras Road Axis.

The new, modern and comfortable motorway will offer an upgraded and safe connection to the western part of Greece and in particular to and from the Port of Patras, archeological sites and tourist areas, and will boost the exports and the agricultural production.


Olympia Odos is the only project constructed under traffic and therefore is one of the most difficult projects currently constructed in Greece. The widening of the existing road is made either on one or on both sides, depending on the area. In particular, 120 km out of the total 202 km of Korinthos – Patras motorway are under construction.

The geological conditions, the geotechnical difficulties and the environmental conditions on Korinthos – Patras section under construction as well as the requirements set by the modern specifications for motorway alignment requiring sufficient geometrical features impose the construction of a large number of tunnels. The new Korinthos – Patras motorway will have more than 16 km of tunnels. In particular, it will have twelve tunnels in total in the areas of Derveni, Mavra Litharia, Akrata, Platanos and Panagopoula. The longest motorway tunnel, of 4,014 m, is located in the area of Panagopoula. In same road section 209 bridges / overpasses and underpasses are constructed, the longest of which is over Krathis River, of 190 m.

Upon completion of the motorway, the drivers will enjoy high-level road safety in an environment presenting uniform characteristics and large traffic capacity, as well as road services and of course decrease of the travel time between Athens and Patras.


Shareholder structure

Concession Company:                      OLYMPIA ODOS S.A.

Shareholders:                                        VINCI CONCESSIONS S.A.S. (29.9%)


J&P-ΑVΑΧ S.Α. (17%)


GEK TERNA S.A. (17%)

ATHENA S.A. (2.1%)


Operator:                                                  OLYMPIA ODOS OPERATION S.A.

Constructor:                                           APION KLEOS CONSTRUCTION JOINT VENTURE


For more information, please consult: www.olympiaodos.gr