Odos Kentrikis Ellados or Kentriki Odos is the concession company which has undertaken the study, design, construction, operation, exploitation and maintenance of “Central Greece Motorway – Ε65” concession project.

This project, measuring 231 km in total, is considered to be of strategic importance for the development of the country and concerns the construction of the Central Greece motorway (Ε65), from the semi-junction with PATHE at Thermopiles I/C to the semi-junction with Egnatia Odos after Oksinia (of a total length of 174 km), as well as the management and maintenance of PATHE section from Skarfia to Raches (of a total length of 57 km).

Central Greece (E65) Motorway disposes the necessary capacity of a modern 2-lane motorway in each direction and crosses the plain of Fthiotida, the Othrys mountain, the plain of Thessaly and Penaeus river passing near the city of Karditsa, Trikala, Kalampaka to the foothills of Antichassia, Ion river and mountains of Chasia to be eventually connected with Egnatia Odos in the forest area of Pindos. This is one of the most important national projects of particular strategic importance for the development of the country and the region. It is entirely constructed on new alignment and actually connects Eastern Greece to Western Greece. The design is based on contemporary national and European standards, with respect to the natural and human environment, aiming at safety and ease of users and to ensure maximum time and fuel saving. Indicatively, the trip from Lamia to Egnatia will be completed in 1 hour and 30 minutes compared to 2 hours and 30 minutes needed today. The most important technical characteristics are the following:

  • 15 Interchanges
  • 6 Motorway Service Stations
  • 3 Fire and Traffic Stations
  • 7 x 2 Tunnels (of a total length of 18.285 m.)
  • 146 Bridges (Overpasses/Underpasses)
  • 88 Fauna Passages

The construction of Central Greece (E65) Motorway road axle:

  • contributes to the regional development and economic cohesion
  • completes the transportation system at regional and local level
  • improves the traffic speed, safety conditions and reduces accidents
  • connects Central Greece with TEN (Trans-European Networks)
  • connects the ports of Igoumenitsa and Volos
  • ensures higher level of service


The section of the motorway from Skarfia to Raches gave a solution to the major problem of road safety at the Petalo of Maliakos. Furthermore, all drivers may use a modern and high-quality motorway with 2 lanes in each direction plus an Emergency Lane (LEA), three (3) double-tube tunnels, five (5) viaducts and high-quality infrastructure.

Apart from the construction based on the most modern, reliable international standards, a motorway – just like a living organism – requires continuous monitoring in order to be kept in excellent, safe mode. Kentriki Odos has undertaken the 30-year operation and maintenance of Aftokinitodromos Kentrikis Ellados – E65 concession project. The main responsibilities are the following: traffic control and monitoring as well as emergency situation management through the special Traffic Management Centers and the 24 hour safety patrols, the scheduling and management of the required maintenance works as well as various routine tasks such as road cleaning. More specifically, the critical sector of maintenance includes: daily inspections, scheduled and unscheduled repair works as well as maintenance works concerning the company’s vehicle fleet and its facilities.

The top priority of Kentriki Odos is to ensure the safety of motorway users. At the same time, our main concern is to make them feel that Kentriki Odos is the best possible travelling companion. In the view of offering high quality services, the company has designed and provides to the motorway users the following services: 4-digit emergency telephone number (1075), Customer Care Call Center, Emergency phones located along the motorway, 24/7 Motorist Service Stations (MSS) and free road assistance to immobilized vehicles, thus ensuring the removal of the immobilized vehicles from the motorway and their transport to a safe place.

The primary objective is to provide safe and faster transportation conditions as well as high quality services to all Greek citizens.

For more information, please consult: www.kentrikiodos.gr