Hellastron participated in IBTTA 83rd Annual Meeting“  and Exhibition with a presentation made by the President of the Organization, Mr Bill Halkias .

The presentation was titled “Mobility depends on Network Integration. The initiative to integrate the Greek Tollways”, and focused on suggestions to achieve an integrated toll road network in Greece, as Hellastron aims to help set a strategy and policy measures in order to obtain a modern, safe and efficient toll road network in Greece.

The institutional framework of the European Union was presented in order to achieve an integrated roadway network.  For that purpose the initiatives of the EU White Paper establish the main principles towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system and they include mainly the following:

  • An efficient and integrated transport mobility and a Single European Transport Area
  • A European Transport Research and Innovation Policy and a sustainable behavior
  • A coherent funding framework for infrastructure development and
  • The integration of transportation in the world.

The presentation of Mr Bill Ηalkias