Evaggelos Kareklas, Member of the Board
Traffic Consultant, NEA ODOS SA

Graduate studies in Civil Engineering – Diploma (NTUA – Athens), post-graduate studies in Transportation Planning & Engineering – M.Sc. (Un. of Southampton –UK).

He worked as Project Manager in many transport projects, at several companies as ‘Doxiadis Associates SA’, ‘NAMA SA’, ‘ATTIKO METRO SA’, ‘Diavasi EE’, in Greece, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Philippines.

Since 2014 up to 2018, he was the Director of Dpt ‘Traffic Planning and Design’ of Concession company NEA ODOS, while from 2018 is the Director of Dpt ‘Traffic & Transportation Planning’ of GEK-TERNA Group of Companies S.A.

He has more than 30 years of experience in transportation projects and for the past five years he has exclusively focused on motorways in subjects such as: mathematical simulation models, eight-tunnel traffic management scenarios, design of GIS platform of NEAS ODOS highways (vsls, vms, lcs, cctv, traffic loops, meteorological stations etc.), optimization of traffic conditions in terms of safety and operation of a no of intersections, studies of traffic signs, signaling, geometric design and road safety.

He is member of SES, member of Hellastron BOD, Head of Coper II (Safety) of HELLASTRON represents Hellastron in ASECAP on relevant topics, represents Greece at WG3 in CEDR and lastly holds the official title of ‘Road Safety Auditor’ in Greece.